Tai Chi Pins

In 2007 I designed my first tai chi pin to give to students in my classes. A small ‘thank you’ for sharing their energy, enthusiasm and time to learn the art of tai chi and qigong.

Over the years the pins became a tradition, every year a new pin. I had to buy 100 pins but I didn’t have 100 students so I would donate the left over pins to the Tai Chi for Health Community Scholarship Fund at Dr Paul Lams’ Annual Tai Chi Workshops.

In addition to tai chi specific pins, in 2013 I designed a pin to celebrate the Chinese New Year for my students. These became popular within our tai chi community and I soon had other instructors asking to buy these pins to give to their students.

These pins are available if you would like one or many. Email marty@oaktreetaichi.com for additional information and pricing.